January 22, 2009

. . Lumix LX3 . . .

Few days ago, on my birthday, I went out to get a new compact camera!! Hah! Been eyeing on a compact camera for quite some time but didn't really know what brand or type that I should get at that time. So I checked out dpreview.com and read their reviews. One of the best compact camera that they reviewed (and that I got for myself for my birthday) was a Panasonic Lumix LX3.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

Together bundled with the camera are the camera casing and also a 4GB SDHC card. Altogether with a screen protector, I had to forked out almost $700! Hah! I guess it's a good investment. I think having a compact camera is better when you're on a casual outing. Rather than lugging my Canon 400D DSLR, I can have this LX3 packed into a small bag. Not that I don't like my DSLR, just that, sometimes, a small camera will do just fine. Heh!

Here are some few unedited pics that I took with my new Lumix LX3.

Along the alley where I usually parked my bike. 7.45pm

From my room window. 9.11 AM

From my room window. 8.22 PM

Hmm, not sure about how you see it. But I think the pictures come out quite sharp and the colours came out good. Even better than my DSLR. Hah. Or maybe I need to clean my DSLR again, or get a better lense. Heh.


Other than that, I also got a new bag. Well, actually, it's from my sis and my elder brother. But, well, the story goes that my sis, who went out to get the back, got me a wrong bag. She got me the 4 Million Home bag; a camera bag. But what I wanted was a messenger bag.

Well, partly it's my fault for not describing exactly what I wanted. Eventually, I got the camera bag replaced with this messenger bag "Barney Rustle Blanket" Heh. Quite a strange name for a bag. Got it in this colour cause I've already have a slightly-bigger Crumpler backpack "Seedy Bar" in somewhat khaki.

Frecky said this messenger bag looks like those watermelons that's yellow on the inside.

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